Peter’s Denial (POV of a servant girl)

I haven’t had much muse/inspiration, so this is not gonna be my best piece. I decided on something less… cheerful/hopeful/happy, and part of the way I wrote this was to show how insignificant a moment can be for someone, when it meant a whole tonne more for others. In any case, hope you enjoy it! 🙂

~ Ele♥ra

The air vibrated with the crackling and sizzling of burning logs, golden embers dancing in the air momentarily before disappearing, leaving behind comforting warmth. It was a cold early morning, but even colder was the atmosphere, and there was a tenseness lingering admits us, speaking of death and betrayal. As servants of the high priest, there was no denying we had heard the rumours, and, as more people arrived, bringing word with them, we had come to discover that it was the truth – Jesus had been arrested, and he was being taken to stand trial.Read More »

The Anointing at Bethany (Mary’s POV)

It’s been a busy week and this is shorter than usual but as promised, here it is!

*~From the house of God’s grace~*

It was six days before the Passover and Jesus, the Son of Man was having supper with us, in Simon the Leper’s house. Jesus was special to us. I would never forget that day when He raised my brother, Lazarus from the grave. It was something I would remember for the rest of my life. We’d all been grief-stricken but then Jesus came, full of love and hope and raised Lazarus from the dead. That wasn’t too long ago. But now, he was supping with us and Lazarus, healthy as ever, sat at the table with Jesus and His disciples.

Martha, hospitable as always, busied herself serving the people, but I had other things on my mind. Read More »

Jesus Walks on Water (POV of disciple)

I had this story in mind but wasn’t sure if I should write it. So, I asked my mum to name me the first one she could think of and she named this one so here you go! 🙂

*~From the house of God’s grace~*

My muscles strained, trying against hope to keep the boat steady as my eyes searched fruitlessly to make shapes out of the darkness. It was the fourth watch of the night, dark as the depths of a whale, and the wind was the strongest I’ve ever seen it be, stirring up the waters of the sea and creating waves that tossed us to and fro. It was all we could do to keep ourselves afloat and from the jaws of a watery death. Where was Jesus? He was the one who insisted we get in the boat and cross the sea but He didn’t come with us. Where is Jesus when you need Him?

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Stones (POV of the woman)

This one is slightly more of a stretch than my previous ones, since I made up a lot in terms of background. I did a lot of research on the laws and what Jesus was writing, and discovered that, apparently, the priest would write down the law that was broken along with the name of the people who had committed the crime somewhere non-permanent (which was usually the temple floor). On top of that, both parties should be brought forward and not just the woman.

This got me wondering why the woman in this story had been alone, resulting in this interpretation of her life, which is personal and not anything found in the Bible. Of course, any and all interactions with Jesus has been kept exactly the same. 🙂 Enjoy!


Silence, louder than anything I have ever heard before, fills the temple, and I swear I can hear the thump thump thump of my heart crying out in fear as I stand and await my judgement. I know the price of what I have done, and I have seen it happen before, but I guess I just never thought to think I would be one of those. The image of my child flashes through my mind. Who will watch over him when I’m gone? Will my husband, even after he finds out about my infidelity?Read More »

Jesus and the Woman with the Issue of Blood (POV of crowd member)

Not entirely proud of how this turned out but here it is.

*~From the house of God’s grace~*

“Did you hear? Jesus is here!”

“What? Where?”

“Wait! Who’s Jesus?”

“You don’t know? He’s the guy who has been healing people and casting out demons!”

“He’s just come back from across the sea, from the country of the Gadarenes!”

“Let me through! I wanna see!”

“There He is! Move out of my way!”

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Psalm 139 (Reader Submission) [Poem]

Editor note: Though the following work is not a story, we decided to include it and post it up because we liked it a lot. 😀 For those who don’t know, the meaning of the word ‘redintegrate’ is “restore (something) to a state of wholeness, unity, or perfection.” Do read it all the way to the end! 🙂 We’ve included part of the email blurb that we felt explained it well, although there was no actual author’s note.

*~From the house of God’s grace~* & ~Ele♥ra

This is a reversible poem I wrote based on Psalm 139. It was Holy Spirit inspired and I guess you could say from my point of view.

Credits go to Mel.

I am a waste of space.
It is not true that
I have been fearfully and wonderfully made.
The matter of fact is
I am nothing special.
Why would I believe that
My days are all ordained.
I can guarantee thatRead More »

Feeding of the 5 Thousand (POV of a random man)

I FINALLY got to write this after two attempts that led to different stories, and when I started, it flowed with absolute ease. I’m so incredibly happy with the way this turned out; I think I wrote it in about an hour, so it goes to show how pressing it was in my mind. xD Anyway, hope you enjoy it!


Everything went quiet. It wasn’t instant, nor was it a sudden thing; it started slowly, with the loud complaints evening out to grumbling and moaning before turning into soft murmurs which dissipated and died out, until all around the hill there was nothing but the whispering of the wind and the rustling of grass beneath us. In the distance, a figure – a mere silhouette against the backdrop of the darkening sky – raised his hands to the heavens, but what he was doing, we didn’t quite know.Read More »

Elijah and the Widow (POV of her son)

I’m not the happiest with this, especially the ending, but it’s complete in itself, soooo. 😛 I hope you enjoy it!


My stomach grumbles, and I hold my breath, glancing towards mummy. She’s been sad lately; I don’t want to upset her more by telling her I need more food. By the expression on her face, though, it’s obvious she heard it, and an odd look comes into her eyes. She stands, walks over to our kitchen cabinet, and peers into the two jars we have there, the ones I’m not allowed to touch. I know that one has flour and the other, the oil.
She sighs, and then turns to me, a smile on her face. “Good news, baby boy,” she tells me.Read More »

Abigail, David and Nabal (POV of one of David’s men)

Not my most well written piece of work but here it is!

*~From the house of God’s grace~*

Whispers slithered through the group as the ten young men David appointed to send a message discussed how Nabal would respond. I kept quiet, holding my thoughts to myself. David was a great leader and all who were lost, distressed, in debt or discontented came to him. But ever since King Saul began chasing David to kill him, we’ve been running, which was how we ended up here.

Nabal’s shepherds had camped near us, in the wilderness of Carmel and David had given instructions not to take advantage of them, though we could easily overpower them and use the sheep as meat. We didn’t lay a hand on them. In fact, I think our presence protected them from people who would take advantage of them. After all, David had a reputation for being a skilled warrior. Shearing time was here and Nabal was holding a feast and since we were living on scraps in the wilderness, it was only sensible we asked permission to have a little of the feast Nabal prepared after the benefit we brought to his shepherds.

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Boaz and Ruth (Foreman’s POV)

“Who is she?”

The familiar voice of my master, Boaz, startled me out of my thoughts.

“Hmm? Who?” I asked.

Boaz pointed across the acres of ripe barley, the endless field spotted with reapers working hard to gather the sheaves as well as women gleaning, picking up what dropped to the ground. It wasn’t unusual for women to glean in Boaz’s field; he had a reputation for being kinder and more gracious than other field owners.

“That one there, whose young woman is she?”

My gaze shifted to align with Boaz’s finger and landed on Ruth.

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