Psalm 139 (Reader Submission) [Poem]

Editor note: Though the following work is not a story, we decided to include it and post it up because we liked it a lot. 😀 For those who don’t know, the meaning of the word ‘redintegrate’ is “restore (something) to a state of wholeness, unity, or perfection.” Do read it all the way to the end! 🙂 We’ve included part of the email blurb that we felt explained it well, although there was no actual author’s note.

*~From the house of God’s grace~* & ~Ele♥ra

This is a reversible poem I wrote based on Psalm 139. It was Holy Spirit inspired and I guess you could say from my point of view.

Credits go to Mel.

I am a waste of space.
It is not true that
I have been fearfully and wonderfully made.
The matter of fact is
I am nothing special.
Why would I believe that
My days are all ordained.
I can guarantee thatRead More »