What does the name of the blog mean?

We originally got the idea from a Bible story in Numbers (chapter 22), when God granted Balaam’s donkey the ability to speak. The donkey questions Balaam for hitting him, and it is then revealed that the donkey had seen an Angel of the Lord that Balaam had not.

So, in essence, the blog title captures what we intend to do – give voices to ‘minor’ characters that aren’t the main focus in popular (and sometimes unpopular!) Bible stories. Quite literally, our stories result ‘when donkeys talk’, and we get to hear untold perspectives (which is, therefore, the subtitle of the site).

What got you started writing Bible stories in different perspectives?

Ele♥ra: Heh, funny you should ask that. It started out as a prompt I gave my students, and I liked the idea so much that I did one for fun – yes, I’m that much of a writing geek. I liked the process of writing that first story so much that I introduced it to Bethanna.

Bethanna:  I first started on a draft, writing the story of Esther told in the third person. Then Eleora came up with the idea of writing it in a different perspective – not the main character – to make it more challenging, so I got roped in.

Why Bible stories in particular?

Ele♥ra: Why not? 😛 There’s just something special about retelling stories that have always been part of my life. I feel many times people think of them as just stories and not the living, breathing word of God, recounting true things. My aim is to show people that the Bible is not just dull words on a page but something exciting, with real people that lived and experienced mixed emotions – much like us, now. If those people can be used by God, why can’t we?

Bethanna: Bible stories have always been dear to my heart and I grew up devouring them because they show so much of the character and personality of God – how great and amazing and awesome He is. As I became a better writer, I wanted to delve deeper into the emotions of the Biblical characters.

How frequently will you be uploading stories?

We aim to be consistent in our posts, which means we update as often as we can. We hope to have one story each uploaded each week as a minimum, although with real life getting in the way of writing, this may sometimes not be possible. Rest assured, there will be at least one post/story a week for your enjoyment! 🙂

I have a really good story I think suits your site – can I send it to you?

Well, we’re not exclusive, so sure! Please do, in fact; we’d love to share your stories, should they match our site vision. 🙂 Go ahead and email it to us at whendonkeystalk@gmail.com

Keep in mind sending it to us doesn’t mean that we will post it; we’ll read it and see if it’s suitable. Most of (if not all of our) stories are in first person, and usually from an unusual point of view. However, if you have a poem instead of a short story, don’t despair! We also accept those, although our main focus is stories.

Since this blog is more of a hobby for us, know that we will not be paying for submissions (we’re not professional or anything) – but, of course, if we do post your story, we’ll credit you, and you can choose to include a brief explanation of your story/who you are, if you wish. 🙂 Also, know that we might edit it a little to fix any spelling and grammatical errors (if any). If we need to make any major changes, we’ll email you first to ask permission.

Therefore, please do include the Author’s Note (if any) and the name you’d like it to be credited to in your email.

When did you start writing?

Ele♥ra: Oh gosh. That’s a hard question. I honestly don’t know; I’ve always loved stories in general, so I’ve been making them up since I could talk! Writing wise, though, I would say as soon as I learnt how to form proper sentences (albeit simple ones), which would be… around 6 or 7? I still remember one of my first stories I did was this really horrible one that was more or less based off a ‘thriller’ children book and was a ‘horror’ (more comedic and poorly written than anything) story about a person who buys a mask for Halloween and then finds it can’t be taken off and is stuck on her face. There was a happy ending, but I don’t remember much about how they got the mask off. xD

Bethanna: I’ve always been more of a reader than a writer since books provided a whole new world for me to live in than the real world. I think I started dabbling in original writing when I was around 15 or 16 years old. Those were stories with horrible writing though and I cringe just thinking of it. I started seriously writing when I met Eleora in 2011 (was it?) and seeing her passion for writing also ignited that same passion in me to improve my own. She also started giving me prompts to challenge me.

How old are you guys (or rather, girls)?

Ele♥ra: Guess! 😛 (I’m a year younger than Beth.)

Bethanna: Just turned 21 🙂

Why do you remain anonymous and choose to use pen names?

To shift the attention off us. It’s not about us or who we are – it’s about the stories and what they are. It’s what it’s always been about: God, and God alone. To Him is the glory and honour.

This is reflected in the names we have chosen. Bethea Eleora translates to Maidservant of Jehovah; God is light. Joanne Bethanna means God is gracious; From the House of God’s Grace.

It’s who we are and Who we live for.