Spies in Jericho (Rahab’s POV)

Truth be told, I started this story fully intending it to be a retelling of the feeding of the five thousand. However, about two lines in, I wrote the sentence about reputation. I was rather confused and I went, “Wait, what reputation? You’re just some random guy on a hill…” and the ‘voice’ of the story replied, “No, I’m Rahab.”

It was, no doubt, all rather confusing to me. The story, therefore, sort of wrote itself, though I edited it since to give more context. I’ve never tried this format before and I don’t really know what it is – a monologue? A weird first/second person love child? – but I quite enjoyed writing it, and I hope you enjoy reading it, too! 🙂

~ Ele♥ra


Hello, you two. What brings you to my place? I am but one of many in this city. In fact, I doubt you’ll even remember my face if I pass you by, for I am not memorable. There are those that know me by name, of course; my reputation isn’t one that is unknown. Indeed, you might not know my face, but I am sure thatRead More »

Esther Becomes Queen (Hegai’s POV)

This was my very first story, the one that started the addiction. Enjoy!

~ Ele♥ra

Some might say that being a servant to the King is a tedious job, one that consists of blind obedience; they lament daily – hourly even – for freedom. But I disagree. See, I’m the custodian of women, and that means I’m surrounded by some of the most beautiful women in the entire Kingdom on a daily basis. My latest assignment is probably one of my favourites – my boss, his majesty King Xerxes, is in need of a new wife, and I’m to oversee the preparations of all the eligible females. And, as written in the decree, they are all ‘beautiful young virgins’.

        Rumours had been flying for weeks beforeRead More »